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There’s almost no one left to speak
About this story of the past
A distant memory growing weak
Being swept away, to oblivion cast

Long time ago, this fairy land
Has seen a tale like none before
About an oni with a man
Whose love so pure was nevermore

Inside the joyful spring they met
To nevermore become astray
From breaking dawn until sunset
Hands tight together they would play

And when the shroud of night would come
They had no need to fear the dark
One would be never found alone
Because they shared a single heart

The spring inside them was so young
They had not even learned to doubt
With dreams and hope, they both have sung
A vow to walk the right same route

They said “I’ll never go away”
The kind of promise children make
“Together with you, day by day”
Such words so pure they could not fake

And so this fairy story says
Two different shadows turned to one
Brought close together by the fates
Like sky and earth they had become

The changing wind of seasons blew
As to remind just this one thing
About their future, no one knew
Nor even him, the changing wind

Though nowadays there’s no one left
To speak assured of this old song
The vows they made have not bereft
They grew together, proud and strong

And there an oni and human was
That held each other very close
Whose care and trust were never lost
Their noble feeling rose and rose

While holding hands they did a plead
To never make each other cry
“An oni in tears would be quite sad
Than watching this, I’d rather die”

And so this lovely story tells
Two distant hearts that became one
Withholding vows, for them tolled bells
So glad as them, there was no one

He gave her bracelets fashioned gold
And colored ribbons to her hair
She gave him everything most bold
And also everything most fair

“Now let us laugh, now let us run”
And through the world they made their way
They learned to love the moon and sun
And have made love to make their day

And many men and women were
Embraced together in their lace
Their bright red passion was furor
That charmed all people with its grace

Yet blew the wind , and years gone by
One day she found herself alone
The moon at night said it was time
For her beloved come back to home

But when she found him, it was bad
His body was not more the same
That oni saw the blood run red
And in despair she screamed his name

This tragic story does not tell
How came to be of such sad fate
Was it a creature out of hell
That closed forever their love’s gate?

All that she knew while gazed him dead
Was that their promise was undone
She felt destroyed, completely sad
And all her happiness was gone

“You liar! Traitor! Broke your vow!”
She roared in pain, and the sky fell
“Our bond you killed, our trust you plowed…”
“You’re more a monster than myself!!”

“You frail tiny human, weak!”
The whole earth crumbled by her hand
“That single promise could not keep!?!”
His corpse was eaten by the land

But soon her words became a ghost
That echoed faintly inside the night
She lost it all she cared the most
She lost her final ray of light

She felt so tiny, weak and small
She was a child lost in the dark
She had no strength even to crawl
She had not anymore her heart

Nor anymore she could exist
Her very soul lost now to fears
Her body turning into mist
And there in her cold eyes…were tears