ON AIR: "..." by "..." from "..." ("...") | DJ: RadioCore v1.0
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Inside my dome of shadow gloom
I wander all around the land
While people sing songs to the moon
Inside my dome, alone I stand

This ball of darkness around me
Is but a mirror to my soul
For every shadow that you see
This endless more my heart will hold

But you still come, so unafraid
I cant believe you are so dumb
How can someone come to my aid?
I always did just what is wrong

I chase lost humans through the woods
And hit them hard with sheer brute force
And while I see tears through their hoods
I eat them raw with no remorse

So why you come so filled with light?
Don’t you see that will have you killed?
I am a creature of the night
I cannot love, I cannot feel

So stay back, please, just go away!
Let be this monster in its cage
Through all the night, and all the day
Let me forever lost in rage

Now I’m dissolving into black
Forever lost, never to be
If you come close I will attack
I’ll let no one touch ever me!

It happened once, much time before
I was so open and so free
Until my body became gore
To some relentless killer feed

And when I laid hurt but alive
I vowed to never be the same
From now in darkness I would thrive
And make the humans be my game

But yet you come, with such big smile
Just watching me with your kind face
Please go away, I am just vile
I can have nothing but disgrace!

But could someone shed light in me?
And try to find me in the dark?
Or maybe fight the night I see
And finally mend my broken heart

But all I see now is just red
Why have you come with such a haste!??
These shameful tears that now I shed
Cannot erase your sweet, sad taste…