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As my conscience lays down sleeping
All my fantasies take flight
Dream and reality go sinking
Mixed together in one sight

All the colors of the mind
More than eyes have ever seen
Paint a rainbow that is blind
Whose wild tones compose all dream

I can feel the universe
Encompassing all of me
So my body will disperse
To become just like the sea

Drowning waters made of sounds
Touch my body without shame
Here I’m victim to no bounds
Past and future are e a game

With this hand I touch the sky
As a mother giving birth
Then my soul goes spreading wide
With that hand I touch the earth

From the distant east of moon
To the farthest west of sun
You can listen this sweet tune
You can see that work be done

For how long will this dream hold?
That’s a thing I can’t foretell
All its purity of gold
May break up just like a spell

All these boundaries between us
Cast us down to a veil of dark
It’s just suppurating pus
That with guile rottens the heart

But this concept is a lie
Because boundaries, there are none
Back to back, side by side
Everything is all but one

I will break this masquerade
I don’t want that selfish power
Let’s renounce our vain facade
And become a blooming flower