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You can give me a gift for my birthday,
But I won’t smile in front of your face.
It’s not that I’m grateful or anything…
But you always twist what I say.

Every year you tease me
And embarrass me beyond belief
But then you’ll say sorry
Like how you lie through your teeth

You’ll serve me velvet cake on a platter
While my face is dyed pink and crimson.
But I will never say the words “Thank you”
Since I’ll stutter my words like a klutz.

I’ll play with my food like a child
And dance with the icing too.
You’ll watch me carefully from the kitchen
And sigh when I act like a fool.

Even when I’m hurt and down
You always tell me I’m cute
As you kiss me on my forehead
And wipe my tears with a smile

Despite the all hardships that we’ve been through,
I’ve never been able to say “Thank you.”
The voice forever stuck in my throat
wishes it could speak out.

If my actions speak louder than words, maybe you never noticed how I feel.

* shuffle shuffle *

But, if you wear that ring, I might be a little happy…