ON AIR: "..." by "..." from "..." ("...") | DJ: RadioCore v1.0
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Come on dear
Bring us beer
Let us dance until daylight
I will steer
Your way here
Through this wonder fulfilled site
Laugh and cheer
Have no fear
Close your eyes and feel the night
As the moon
[In the sky goes full bloom

Roll the dice
Be no mice
Let us love and let us fight
Punch me twice
Kiss me trice
Be my boy, my girl, my knight
I am ice
Full in spice
Feel the passion of my bite
Loving marks
[paint our bodies with sparks

As the day
Comes its way
Soon the sun will shimmer bright
So let’s play
Go astray
While the darkness hold us tight
Now I say
Let us lay
And recover our might
We may leave
[but we’re back on night’s eve