ON AIR: "..." by "..." from "..." ("...") | DJ: RadioCore v1.0
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This desire burning me
As the sky grows with the night
Can you feel it, can you see?
Grows together without bound
While the shadows kiss the light
And the silence eats the sound

I’m the embodiment of red
A kaleidoscopic sin
Sixty thousand shades of bad
Passion savage, unrelenting
Most insane erotic dream
Unremitting and pulsating

There’s no need to hurry now
For the night will never end
As the crimson mist goes down
Come get lost inside my eye
Let me bite you with my trend
Have no fear and don’t be shy

When our hands meet in the dark
Soon our bodies will combine
Then I’ll make your beating heart
Moan with total realization
Filled with ecstasy divine
And profane hallucinations

With your body trembling weak
I would tender to your hair
In your ears then I would speak
That my hunger wanted more
While I squeezed you out of air
I would lust you to the core

Shaking, trembling, we would dance
In sensations we would toy
With our souls completely in trance
Almost passing out aghast
I’d remind you with great joy
That this night will ever last