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Atop eternal mountains lies this being
A golden godly dis with scent of mirth
As her voice seeks the sky, her eyes go seeing
As the glistening sunlight beams embrace th’ earth

O shimmering sun, thy rays I much despise
They bring to my remembrance whence I fell
How glorious once they were the Elysium highs
Where the vagaries of life never dwell

My blighted angel, yonder hast thou shone
With uncontested grace and supreme bright
Whose wings may bedeck now this reckless drone
Whom heretofore I’ve coddled with my light?

This one whom now thou talkest is the same
The very same thou once hast so much cared
Although my rainbow wings are meek and lame
Yet in me I nest the warmth thou shared

My angel of sunlighted fairy dream
Tell’st me how thou hast fallen so completely
How one of such impressive hallowed mien
Would lost thyself in vices absolutely

I’ve been seduced by fate’s provoking touch
The earth I’ve watched carefully afar
Took hold of me by force within its clutch
And branded me perversely with its scar

What ghastly circumstance befell o’er thou
In it too many souls found their demise
Facing such gruesome fate I ask thee how
Could I carry thee back to paradise

O sun, I want the smoldering of strife
I want the erotic kiss to fill my chest
One who suffered the pain of living life
Is bounded to its passion til it’s past