AZ ÉTEREN: "..." "..." által, a "..." ("...")-ból | DJ: RadioCore v1.0
Értékeld a számot: : Kihagyás

Hey there cutie!
Don’t run away.
What have you go there, let me see!
I’ll just take it apart for a second
I won’t wreck it
You’d probably get it back in better condition anyway.

Oh? So you like what you see?
Could it be you want me?
What could you be dreaming about?
Would it be something that would freak me out?
What kind of lewd scenarios are you cooking?
Stop lying, I saw where your eyes were looking!

I’m not an easy girl to understand
my backpack gets larger every day
If there’s nothing to take apart, I get bored quick
What’s that? you want my hand?
OK, you’re gonna lead the way?
Back to your world? This had better not be a trick.

Don’t get any strange thoughts inside your head,
I’m looking forward to seeing your side
and all the interesting toys that reside
but take care, stranger
if you try something funny you’ll be the one in danger,
that’s why they call me the ‘Super Youkai Warhead’.


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