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Hey everyone! The site has been a bit stagnant lately so I wanted to make an update. As some of you might have noticed, we have a new chat system. In the lower left corner of the page, there’s a button with “Chat”. This button opens up a full screen interface to our new IRC based chat system. This system is very much in alpha state but you can chat. It’s also possible to connect to chat with any IRC client, details on that will follow.

On another note, the song information system is bound to be upgraded to become a bit better. It will be rewritten to allow a rich javascript enabled navigation (feeling very modern) and a legacy javascript-less way. Also, we will include support for artists to include links to buy albums to hopefully gain support from artists and give our listeners a way to legally obtain the music they like for themselves.

If there are any suggestions, it’s always possible to contact by using either chat, the PM system or email.

~Inu-Sakuya Izayoi

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