ON AIR: "..." by "..." from "..." ("...") | DJ: RadioCore v1.0
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A year ago
30 mai 2015 12:00
​It has almost been a year since we first started out as a radio station. Much has changed from since then. A lot of features were added! We like to thank everybody who made this possible, either by donations, moral support or by helping us with content…
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Big (unnoticed) updates
12 mai 2015 15:45
​It’s been a while since I shared something so let’s do that now! After a most generous anonymous donation I could finally afford what I wanted to do for some time: buy a 4TB HDD for touhou.fm. Now that we have have more space, we will use this to get a FLAC quality collection. This means that we will improve in quality since we only convert once to either MP3 or OGG from a lossless source.
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