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[東方無国境] Touhou: Music Without Borders
15 mars 2015 12:00
​First, my obligatory music post. Below is a video of one of my favourite groups, CarrotWine., going deep into the depths of hell to bring us heart. Coloured black as midnight, the heart scourges the realm of Gensokyo to find happiness in the art of song. Okay maybe it’s not that but it’s still great to listen to if you’re looking for a fresh orchestral listen.
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13 mars 2015 12:00
​So, now we have playlist support as well. It’s worth mentioning, playlists might not be what people expect from them. Our playlists are a way to influence the radio, instead of a convenient way for people to listen to tracks. This might also be a nice reminder of what we are: We are a community controlled radio station with a platform for social activities like RP and sharing. We’re not a music download site, however, song that are considered free can be downloaded from us.
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