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After years of semi internal development, TouHou.FM is finally going to open up it's magic. The current project is too large for one person to manage and some interesting bits of software are being used behind the scenes. So after a few years of internal development it has finally been decided to release these pieces of software into the public in order to help others. Hopefully this will also attract some extra developers who can increase the development speed.

For those interested in helping out or looking into the project, the following sections explain how the project is split up and how people can contribute.


The whole TouHou.FM project is divided in several parallel projects. The site is its own project, which runs on concrete5 and has yet to be released into the public. The android and desktop apps are 2 projects. The radio streaming software is also a separate project.

Radio streaming software

The radio streaming software is a custom built software using the Qt libraries to ease development. It currently is an GUI and Linux dependent software. The radio streaming software is in charge of streaming songs to the streaming server and to index the music directory to fill the database.

Android App

The android app is one of the few apps that completely support the radio. The radio stream is compatible with any stream playback app that can play back vorbis icecast streams but the radio needs a special protocol to transmit its song information and playlist.

Desktop App

Similarly to the android app, the official desktop app (only available for Linux from source currently) completely supports the radio. The newer alpha version of the app also includes the chat functionality the radio provides.


Currently, TouHou.FM needs some additional people to keep stuff running. In order to help development, several of Atlassians software are installed. If you want to help out, you can sign up at our Jira installation and navigate to the project spaces:

Project Jira Confluence Bitbucket
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