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First, my obligatory music post. Below is a video of one of my favourite groups, CarrotWine., going deep into the depths of hell to bring us heart. Coloured black as midnight, the heart scourges the realm of Gensokyo to find happiness in the art of song. Okay maybe it’s not that but it’s still great to listen to if you’re looking for a fresh orchestral listen.

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Seeing as how we have the developed the site quite a bit, I hope you’ll take the time to have a listen to our radio. Over the past year we have remodelled and expanded our collection and user capabilities. As you’ve read from previous updates, the site has improved a lot in recently. If you are still not aware of the updates you can click here for the update post.

I will also try to start my daily/weekly posting of music I find. Hopefully school doesn’t take too much of my time from finding stuff like this. Ehe…


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