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It’s been a while since the last update huh?

Well let’s try to be a little more active or… what’s the word… proactive? (Ah whatever…)

Anyways, I’m here to inform you that our layout will be changing around quite a bit. Until we settle on a final layout, you may see certain tabs and new content appear. We will be sure to inform you of any significant changes or errors that appear but in the meantime go ahead and listen to our wide variety of Touhou music we have to offer.

Things planned to be inputted for sure!

  • Poetry section
  • Lyrics
  • Album information and reviews
Pending Review
  • Sheet music? (pending review)
  • Picture Collections
  • Any other ideas that may be offered!

In the meantime while we get things sorted out, here’s a poem by Victor Gaigaia

Strange cawings at the morning – 28 07 2014

‘Draws the dawn, the dawn draws!’
Caws the crow, the crow caws
In coal coated feathers dark
Yet cold, soon hot with the sun’s spark
With dancing claws now caws the crow
‘Yes! draws the dawn, the dawn draws!’
Caws the crow with crown and claws
And coal coated feathers dark
That lighten up with the suns’s spark
‘No more cold, just painted gold
‘With my claws,’ caws, ‘and my crown’
The cold King crow will now bow down
For the drawing dawning dawn
‘To paint my body yellow gold’
There cawed the crow and the day dawned

That’s all for now. ~ BlackRabbit

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