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So, now we have playlist support as well. It’s worth mentioning, playlists might not be what people expect from them. Our playlists are a way to influence the radio, instead of a convenient way for people to listen to tracks. This might also be a nice reminder of what we are: We are a community controlled radio station with a platform for social activities like RP and sharing. We’re not a music download site, however, song that are considered free can be downloaded from us.

Ok, enough with the official talk, the new features and a short description of how to work with it:

We have playlist support. This allows people to create selections of songs and request them to be played on the radio. How is this different from regular requests? Well, regular requests are put into a “request queue” and selected at random. If this queue is large, there is no certainty which song is being picked next. It might take several days before your song is featured! With playlists, you get 1 hour of feature time (to be connected with the new credit system, which rewards active members) and you decide which block of 1 hour you want to be featured. It will be certain that your chosen hour will feature your playlist, and, in the order you specified!

Ok, now that we described the system and what the possibilities are, a short instruction might be in order as the system is not as straight forward as we want it to be. First, you should create a playlist at the Playlist Management or here:


Then, select an active playlist you want to edit and head over to Music » Circles or Music » Artists to add the songs to it. After you’re done you can view the result at Music » Personal » Playlist View

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