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Soo, we have been quite busy implementing stuff for touhou.fm! The site keeps improving and improving and we can see some great future. Because it has changed quite a bit (in our eyes) let’s summarize what features exist and what features will come.

Current features


  • Listen to the radio
    Yeah, you can actually listen to the radio. But also by using our special player.
  • Autoplaying
    You can set autoplaying in your profile. The player is fully multi-tab aware so autoplay will not make multiple radios play and playing a preview will stop any other playing sounds on all the touhou.fm tabs currently open.
  • Browse through our collection of songs
    That’s not so common among radio stations. We showcase our collection and you can listen to previews.
  • Rate the current playing song
    It’s possible to instantly share your opinion about the playing song and see the average opinion.
  • Rate songs in our collection
    Of course, rating currently playing songs is way too cumbersome as a method so you can also rate them directly in our collection.
  • Request songs in our collection
    Yes, we allow you to decide what’s airing on the radio.


  • Social system much like twitter
    Yeah, it’s not really that much used, but, we do have a social platform. It allows you to share statuses, pictures, thoughts (basically anything that can be done with twitter, facebook or G+). Why? Well, somehow people like these systems but don’t like the professional networks, or their policies. We have a fair policy of: keep it appropriate. This system is also customized to support touhou and related things rather than real personal stuff: We’re doing touhou, not facebook.
  • Private messages
    Yes, this feature is rather nice, you can send people messages without anybody else noticing. It’s a quick method to contact me (Inu-Sakuya Izayoi).
  • Forum
    Alright, this is more of an “because we can” option. People who don’t like our shiny social system can move to the forum and use that instead!


  • Pictures
    Ehmm, yeah >< let's just say. We want to provide pictures.
  • Stories
    Yeah we have some stories, poems etc…
  • Feel like featuring your works or others? Contact me! ~Inu-Sakuya Izayoi



  • Playlists
    Yes, we want to provide playlists. It will be possible for members to assemble playlists and request those to be played. It will be an interesting feature which will basically define us as community radio. To get a gist: people get time points to spend which they can use to feature playlists. These playlists can be rated which will reward or punish the creator using time points. If you give a good list, you may feature yourself more often. But the reverse is also true, make a bad list and your access to the feature may be revoked.
  • Reviews
    Yeah… Radio stations like to review stuff and so should we. Feel interested in becoming an Reviewer? You probably guessed, contact me… (once again: Inu-Sakuya Izayoi)

~Inu-Sakuya Izayoi

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